Build Your Digital Identity Today

Plymouth Create is the first stop for those who want an innovative way to form an online presence.
What is Plymouth Create?

Plymouth Create gives all Plymouth State University active account holders access to free web hosting and domains. These digital spaces can be used to secure a public place on the web where you can share your work, interests, and ideas.

Why Should I Make a Plymouth Create Website?

Whether you’re faculty, staff, or a student, Plymouth Create has something to offer. A Plymouth Create site can be a an easily accessible portfolio for potential employers, clients, and more.

Plymouth Create also gives users a place to form their digital identities. In an age where everything is online, and accessible at our fingertips, it is important to have an online presence that shows the nuances of your skills, personality, and interests. For more on the importance of digital identity in the technology age, see Plymouth Create: Build Your Digital Identity.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply go to the Plymouth Create Homepage and click “Get Started” to choose a domain name and begin building websites tailored to your needs. Through the web hosting provider Reclaim Hosting, Plymouth Create allows users to build WordPress sites, wikis, forums, and more. For a full list of available applications, see Available Applications in Installatron.

For more information on how to use Plymouth Create, see the Plymouth Create Support Site.

What Happens When I Graduate?

After graduation, you may want to hold on to your websites and data. You can migrate your domain from Plymouth Create to Reclaim Hosting after leaving PSU to retain your sites. For more information on domain migration, see Exporting from Plymouth Create, or begin the migration process by selecting the Migration option at the top of this webpage after logging into your Plymouth Create account.