What is Open Education?

For faculty, Plymouth Create can be a great way to delve into an Open Education model for their classroom.

Open Education gives students the chance to be participants in their education rather than passive consumers of prefabricated content. Giving students a sense of agency in what they learn and produce for a course can make them more engaged in the content, and feel like they are building skills related to the content rather than just regurgitating the necessary facts.

Plymouth Create can help facilitate an Open Education experience through its ability to lend itself to a digital and public format. Through a Plymouth Create site, it can be easier for faculty to collect open educational resources for students in a single place, making them easily accessible. In addition, through a blog-based site, students can begin authoring their work in a common site. In this way, every assignment becomes meaningful, because it adds to the collective student site and can potentially be a resource not just for fellow students, but people across the globe who are likeminded in their content interests.

Plymouth Create is a pedagogical alternative to Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, which allows assignments to collect dust in a lonely corner once a course is completed. Rather than remaining closed off, a Plymouth Create course site can be a learning tool for others, and a way for students to build digital skills.